At the beginning of the last century began the experience of the Martirani’s family in the world of leather, our company navigating beyond the boundaries of this sector to find exceptional solutions with which to face the challenges of the productive world. Stefano Martirani, the CEO of IMMEDIO TRADE, through organizational and innovative logic, its goal remain to supply products in accordance with the required aesthetic/ technical specifications. The company provides natural leathers, high-tech leathers in accordance with their certifications for interior cladding, commercial and luxury, in various fields of use such as:

  • Residential and Community;
  • Aeronautical;
  • Rail;
  • Automotive;
  • Marine and Naval;

The company in constatly innovative it’s production processes to ensure a competitive advantage, as well as a global support to which our business partners are now accustomed.

Immedio Trade is always offering new opportunities with a the lowest ecological impact. Our i’am is to give a better tomorrow in a world that requires total respect for the environment.


From generation the Martirani family is established in the world of the leathers produced only in Italy and this is the reason why Stefano Martirani wanted to combine the IMMEDIO TRADE the brand THE ITALIAN LEATHER to emphasize the origin of his collection of leathers.